Just Released Issue No.40 Hello dear readers, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully launched another edition of magazine. This issue covers several knowledge gaining and informative articles that are nothing short of engaging.



Mr D Venkat

This issue has reached a definite benchmark. Congratulations to the entire team behind this issue. Your mentoring too welcomes appreciation and a True Role model for the role of Academic head and I am sure the team, students too will look upon you on whom they can bank on. The issues will stand out when once you every issue brings out new ideas which are in every sense OUT OF BOX. I am sure you have this daunting task to accomplish this goal.

Shyamal Sir

I appreciate the good work the students are doing along with the faculty members and I have noticed Anivolution is not a typical magazine which covers only animation and design aspects of what we teach but it gives u a over view of what is happening in the field of design and art. I had personally visited the Upavan Festival in thane it was a wonderful event for all art lovers I wish all the students and staff for the wonderful job they are doing and hope I get these issues on monthly basis so that I can also learn.

Zakir Sir

An initiative which gives maximum HANDS ON to our students is worth appreciating and keeping and maintaining GOOD HABITS is surely a TASK, which were the interest of our students and the faculty members have kept it ALIVE. Fantastic to keep seeing the zest going on. Already looking forward for the next issue.

Prosenjit Ganguly

These are great efforts and definitely contribute in defining the DNA that structures your approach towards animation education. I think it is very positive of you to initiate such activities. I remember having experienced a very positive vibe at your center of learning. Will be very happy to visit again and punch in a dose of wild imagination.